Wardrobe styling (available online)

As all other services, the wardrobe styling begins with the questionnaire which helps me to get to know your measurements, your goals and wishes. The client is the king, you can fill out the questionnaire or not, but the more information I have, the better the result would be. Then our first free interview comes. When we agree on the date of the wardrobe styling session which takes place at your home (where your wardrobe is), I begin to work on your image.

Usually, there are no perfect conditions in your house, but you shouldn't postpone the service because of that, otherwise you risk to never do it. What is important in our business is to get started! But in order to optimize our time, I have to tell you about what you could do before:

1. Put yourself into a critical way of thinking; take a step back and look at your clothes from outside. Imagine that you are looking at the clothes of somebody else and you must absolutely find defects, reproach him for something. Any lint on a pullover, any stretched collar on a t-shirt, any speck shouldn't remain unnoticed. Forget the budget and the capacities of your wallet. Think only of the condition and quality of your clothes. Leave only the best!

2. With this approach, remove from your wardrobe the old, unloved, wrong-sized, worn-out things. Prepare bags, shoes, accessories, all-weather and one season clothes. This is what we are going to style. Then you should divide it into three parts: tops (jackets, blouses, t-shirts), bottoms (trousers, jeans, skirts, shorts), dresses, and overalls, as well as coats, if it is winter. Think about the areas of your life, where you wear your clothes: job, weekends in the countryside, sports, holiday, dates, and special occasions.

3. Make sure there is enough space in your wardrobe or dressing room and a sufficient amount of proper coat-hangers, including for skirts and trousers, probably some boxes to put a sorted out staff.

4. Prepare a human size mirror, a camera, a chair, a place with sunlight; if possible, you shouldn’t wear any make-up, but a nude color underwear (under your clothes, of course! :))


Our collaboration will be based on your needs, if the colors and shapes tests were not made yet, we will begin with them. While one person might need an advice on her make-up, other one might be interested in her best shades for the hair color, a third one might have just relocated from another country or city and would like to adopt a new, more appropriate style. You will find all the answers to your questions in your individual file, which I will send you within two weeks from the date of the service.

Using the theory of basics, we’ll study your real and your ideal wardrobe, and get to the one that will meet your needs and objectives, we’ll chose your best shapes and colors, we’ll create some new looks for different occasions, I will comment on everything I do to teach you how you can do it later yourself. The following day you will be able to dress up and look at your wardrobe differently. We’ll take pictures of as many clothes and fittings as possible, so that you could find all results of our joint effort in your individual file.

Your attitude towards your personality, your wardrobe and impression made on your circle of acquaintances will never be the same again!


 Rate : 300 €/hour