"Style with no borders: From New York to Paris" workshop (available online)

"Style with no borders: From New York to Paris" workshop

Personal style workshop


What is it ?

It's not just a makeover, but a workshop where you learn to ask yourself the right questions regarding your image and personal style rules to be able to play with fashion and your appearance. It's an individual work and long term transformation. The stylist gets to know you and your needs and wishes before meeting you and other participants at the agency.

What are we doing during the workshop ?

1.     Discuss the street style et life style of the world capital cities as New York, Paris and Moscou

2. Talk about différent existing styles and how to find yours

3. Take color tests, talk about your body shapes and your favorite looks

4. Take a break with an aperitif cocktail

In a warm and relaxing atmosphere…

How to book ?

Contact Galina Vincenot directly at +33613755301 or by mail at gvincenot@galinavincenotparis.com for your first free interview. She will begin her work on your image and stay in touch with you till the workshop date, if needed.

Within two weeks after the workshop you will receive your personal file with your best color shades, clothes forms and more!



Time : 5 hours

Rate per person : 350 €

Maximum number of participants : 5