Galina Vincenot

 Everything began with this skirt... It was bought on sale for my mother during her first visit to Paris. More exactly, I insisted on buying it, as according to her, the skirt was too short and that fact was not going make my Dad happy. Yes, my Dad was surprised; no man could resist such beauty!


Since then, everybody in our little town started calling my Mom "The Frenchwoman", because for Russians, France is a synonym to style and beauty.

We can agree or disagree, but it is in France that I learned to appreciate beauty, to accept my own style and my personal tastes.


The idea to become an image-consultant and a personal shopper occurred to me when "for the thousandth time" I managed to choose the best look and style for one of my numerous friends and relatives visiting Paris.


Yes, I adore fashion. But I also put myself in my clients’ shoes to best meet their expectations, convince them to try outfits and fashions that they otherwise wouldn’t dare to choose themselves. To find styles that make them feel the most beautiful, stylish, elegant and important person.

It is a moment, when I draw your attention to yourself. The ultimate purpose is not to be dressed simply to the latest "state of the art" fashion (of course, I respect the fashion trends), but to help you to be in harmony with yourself, and to be the best you can be.