Personal shopping (available online)

As all other services, the personal shopping begins with the questionnaire which helps me to get to know your measurements, your goals, your shopping budget and wishes. The client is the king; you can fill out the questionnaire or choose not to, the truth is that the more information I have, the better the result would be. If you don’t live in Paris or for some reason we can't meet before, we will also ask you to send us your photos.

The best would be:

• 1 photo in a bathing suit or tight clothes, so that I can see the entire body and its shape.

• 1 portrait photo with your hair behind the ears and without make-up.

Then, if needed, e.g. if you don’t have pictures handy or you don’t like filling out questionnaires, we can catch up by phone, Skype or meet up. When we agree about the date of the service, usually it is two weeks prior to the shopping day; I begin my work on your image and create your individual shopping itinerary. All this time I stay in touch with you on WhatsApp, Viber, Skype or Facebook Messenger. A day before service I follow the itinerary by myself and put the selected items aside for you (some shops might agree to do so, others might not). It will save us time for fittings. I will make comments on everything I do to give you an idea why we choose these shapes and colors over others and what is important and in which order when shopping on your own.

If you choose a half-day shopping of 4 hours, you have to understand that during that time we won't be able to update your entire wardrobe, neither to sit, chat, and have some coffeeJ. Generally this service is for people who need one or two items to complete their look.

As for the whole day shopping of 7 hours, here is how it goes:  we follow your individual shopping itinerary for about 4 hours in the morning, then we do a one hour lunch break (I pick a café or a restaurant in advance according to your budget discussed before), then we continue our shopping for another 3 hours. Some clients get tired and finish shopping earlier (the price doesn't change, but everything goes without any excessive rush and stress), and others don’t get enough and take extra hours that I always try to keep available on that day.

In both cases, the recommended meeting time is 10:00 o’clock in the morning.  The majority of shops open at this time and any activity is more productive in the morning, both of us and sellers are fresh and full of energy, and the shops are not crowded. Please, specify where you would like to meet and whether you need a car with a driver (I can arrange this additional service too). Usually our clients leave us tired and happy, and as soon as they start putting our advices into practice and wear new outfits, they get a lot of compliments and they shine with their beauty and charm! 


Rate : 300 €/hour